Legmaker Industries, LLC

Legmaker Intakes

LMI (LegMaker Intakes, LLC) specializes in REAL CARBON FIBER cold air intakes of various designs and applications. What separates LMI from the million other intake offerings to choose from is performance, price point, quality, and most of all the unique fabrication process that allows the carbon fiber intake tubes to have smooth finishes inside AND out!!! No other CF intakes are made like these!! All intakes are made in-house, by me.

Chris: aka Legmaker

With close to 20 years of working with composite materials in the prosthetic industry, I have taken my knowledge in fabricating with composites to the LX/LC/WK world. What this means is quality that is second to none. There is no middle man to deal with, no suppliers to compromise quality. These are intakes made for the LX/LC/WK community by a member of the community!!! If I would not put one of my systems on my own car, I will not offer it to my customers!

There will not be any wild HP claims or claims of ground breaking original designs by NASA, but rather good looking, realistic performing cold air intakes at unbelievable prices!!!

Choosing LMI to handle your intake needs, what you will experience is a cold air intake that is made from materials that will not suffer the heat soak that comparative metal systems do, and is much more attractive than other competitors plastic models.

The decision to purchase a cold air intake often goes beyond just pure performance. Dedicated car enthusiasts want three things……. Performance, Looks, Sound.

LMI covers all three bases better than anyone else.

Only the best quality components go into every LMI Intake.

All intakes kits feature S&B Filters with 8 layer cotton media protection, T-bolt clamps, hi-temp rubber or silicon couplers, Oil breather filters, and IAT extension harnesses where applicable.